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Case Study No. 0884: Julia Music

6080 Becoming a Librarian
Introduction to why I want to be a librarian. Two sassy students are caught gossiping about why their teacher wants to become a librarian. The teacher sets them straight.
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[scene opens with two handpuppets talking to each other]
ANNIE: Hi, Melissa!
MELISSA: Hi, Annie! Did you hear the rumor about Miss Music?
ANNIE: Yeah, I heard she's leaving us. She doesn't wanna be a teacher anymore, she wants to be a "media specialist."
MELISSA: A media specialist? What is that? Do you mean like ... Paris Hilton?
ANNIE: No, silly! Like the lady who works in our school's media center. Like a "librarian."
MELISSA: Why would she wanna be a librarian?
ANNIE: There are lots of clues as to why she wants to be a librarian ... She loves books, and is obsessed with organizing them!
[she points to a nearby bookshelf]
ANNIE: Look at this bookshelf! The organization is totally sickening!
[cut to another shot of the two handpuppets]
ANNIE: She loves it when we are working quiet ... Librarians love quiet! Besides, she looks like a librarian! Have you seen her glasses?
[she goes off screen, then returns wearing a pair of glasses and speaking in a high-pitched mocking voice]
ANNIE: Look at me, I'm Miss Music! My hair is in a bun! I love books! Be quiet!
[the other puppet motions for her to be quiet, then cut to a young woman (wearing glasses and her hair in a bun) entering]
JULIA: Girls, I can hear everything you're saying from my desk!
[Annie gasps, then takes off her glasses]
ANNIE: I'm so sorry, Miss Music! We're just so sad that you don't wanna be our teacher anymore ...
JULIA: Well, you kinda have it part-right ... Um, I do love books, and I do have a great sense of fashion. However, that's not exactly why I wanna be a librarian. I wanna be a librarian because I like helping you learn!
[Melissa nods her head]
JULIA: See, what's really fun about my job is when I get to help you guys investigate things you're interested in, and when I'm a librarian, I get to do that all the time!
MELISSA: You mean like when we were in the media center and I was like, "Miss Music, I found this cool website article about becoming a professional fashion designer!" And you were all like, "Sweet, Melissa! Check on that link and watch the video, you'll get to see an interview with Coco Chanel!" And I was all, "Seriously? You're gonna let me watch a video during class?" And you were all, "Seriously, because that is what you are investigating!"
JULIA: Exactly! See, right now I only get to help my students work on one research assignment a year ... but when I'm a librarian, I'll be able to help the entire school! Besides, I'll get to run awesome programs, like book clubs and book sales and gaming days! And I'll be able to teach you technology!
MELISSA: So ... you're not leaving us?
JULIA: Nope! I will still be here helping you learn, I'll just be in a different room.
ANNIE: Cool!
MELISSA: Um, Miss Music ... While you're here, do you know of any good books to read?
[she holds up a book]
JULIA: Yeah, have you ever read "When My Name Was Kyoko?"

Directed by
Julia Music

Crystal Proxmire as Annie
Erin Carr as Melissa

Julia Music as herself

Ido Meron

A Special Thanks to
Ryan S. Moore
for use of his puppets



The field of library science has long held my fascination and at this point in my career, I feel that I owe myself the opportunity to study this field. I feel that moving to the Media Center will better suit my personality and allow me to instill a love of books and research skills in more students than I can currently reach.

For the past seven years I have taught middle school language arts. The best part of my job is matching students with books that will inspire a life long love of reading. I also enjoy helping them find research topics and materials that get them excited about investigating their interests. As a Media Specialist, I will be able make the best part of my current job the main mission of my work.

Recently, I have noticed that public libraries have started to change to a more "book-store" like layout. Middle school media centers however, lag behind in design. My students often return from the Media Center frustrated because they are unable to find suitable materials even though there are lots to choose from. I want to bring accessibility of materials to the students I will serve by creating a space that is easy for them to navigate. I believe that the program offered at Wayne State University will enable me with the skills I need to create a space where students feel empowered to find materials that meet their needs.

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