Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Case Study No. 0891: "Stupid Librarian"

stupid librarian
funny animated clip of a guy who looks like mario gets kicked out the libary
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[scene opens with a man standing in the middle of a public library]
MALE PATRON: I am in the library ... Hey, librarian! You stink!
[the female librarian walks into the scene]
MALE PATRON: I didn't say anything!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: You did now, so be quiet!
MALE PATRON: That is not fair!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: You spoke again! That's it, get out!
[the patron starts walking away]
MALE PATRON: I hate you ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: I love my job ...
[cut to outside, as the man exits the library]
MALE PATRON: Stupid librarian!
[he runs off, as the scene fades to black]



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