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Case Study No. 0887: Western Illinois University Librarian

Ask a Librarian
If you would like more information about Ask a Librarian, see the following link:
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[scene opens with a male college student breathing heavily as he's running away from something out on the sidewalk, while ominous music plays]
[cut to the same student sitting in front of his laptop computer, as the sound of his heart beating matches the sound of an alarm clock going off]
STUDENT: [in voice over] I'm running outta time. I'm running outta time ...
[a split screen shows the alarm clock ("4:20"), as the student begins typing]
STUDENT: I'm running outta time ... I don't understand any of this!
[cut to another angle of the student, as he puts his head in his hands and sighs]
STUDENT: Runnin' outta time ... runnin' outta time ...
[cut back to the student running on the sidewalk, as he looks behind before continuing]
STUDENT: [in voice over] What is a scholarly journal? What is APA style? What is a book?
[he laughs]
STUDENT: [in voice over] Wait a minute, I know this one ...
[cut to another shot of the student running, as "Who Do I Ask?" appears on screen]
STUDENT: [in voice over] Who can I turn to? Who can I trust?
[he stops at a stop sign, which reads "Ask a Librarian"]
NARRATOR: Why don't you just ... ask a librarian?
[the image freezes, as the sign appears covered with "electricity" special effects while "Instant Message, Phone/Email, In Person" appear on screen]
NARRATOR: There are many ways to connect librarians who are willing to help you with your research project. You can contact them by instant message service, phone or email, or just come in and talk to a librarian in person.
[cut back to the student sitting at his laptop]
STUDENT: I can do this!
[he begins typing, as the scene is superimposed with still images of various students wearing graduation cap and gowns]
STUDENT: If I need help with my homework, I can just ask a librarian ... Y'know what? I'll ask them right now.
[cut to a closeup of the Western Illinois University Library's homepage]
NARRATOR: The quickest way to contact a librarian is through the Meebo chat widget. You can access this from the WIU Library's web page. Hover over the "Ask a Librarian" link, and select "Instant Messenger."
[cut to a closeup of the Meebo widget for "wiulibrary"]
NARRATOR: The widget will appear on the next page. A green icon will indicate whether the librarian is online.
["(14:35) meeboguest372679: Can you help me with my research paper?" appears in the widget]
NARRATOR: Start typing your question in the form field, and wait for a response.
["(14:35) wiulibrary: Sure. What sort of help do you need?" appears in the widget]
["(14:35) meeboguest372679: I don't know what a scholarly article is" appears in the widget]
[cut to a split screen, showing the student on one side, and a male librarian typing at his computer (apparently answering his question) on the other side]
NARRATOR: InfoSmack! Fighting information hunger, one byte at a time!
["InfoSmack: Ask a Librarian" appears on screen]

Produced by:
Instruction Team at Western Illinois University Libraries

The team members are:
Sean Cordes - Instruction Services Coordinator
Justin Georges - Instructional Materials Specialist
Anthony Young - IDT Student (Animation/Visual Effects)

Special Thanks:
Photos Courtesy of Western Illinois University Visual Production Center

Music Segment "Furious Angels" written, produced, and performed by:
Rob Dougan

Bill Thompson - Reference Librarian

For more information about instruction services see:
www dot wiu dot edu slash library slash units slash reference slash instruction


From libguides.com:

Reference Desk Contact Information

Email Form: Ask a Question

Phone: 298-2700

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-413-6544 (U.S. only)

You can even text us a question. Here's how:

Start your message with wiulibhelp followed by a space.
Send the text to 265010.
The librarian's reply will come from a different number (265060)
"WIU Library (IM)" will appear when you open the message.

Please contact or visit the library Reference Desk for further assistance. They can answer questions, provide instruction in how to access and utilize the library's varied information resources (both electronic and print), and refer you to other helpful contacts both in the University Libraries and beyond.

Here's a video that will introduce you to "Ask a Librarian".

This video was created by the Instruction Unit at the Malpass Library.

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