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Case Study No. 0886: Staff of Worthington University Library

509 Four Scary Stories Part 2
While at Grams house for the evening, Joey, Pacey and Jack sit in front of the fireplace and tell each other their creepiest experiences involving urban legends this past Halloween. Joey's story is how she forgo going to a Halloween costume party with Audrey to study at the library. Then, Joey was almost attacked by the strange librarian and was saved by the creepy man she was running from. Jack's story is when he was helping clean the frat house basement that same night and found a guy pledging, who was later revealed to be a ghost. Pacey's story from also that same night is that he was chased by a black car while driving Karen home after work, in which no one was driving. Later, Grams arrives and has the scariest story: the time when Jen accidentally got locked out of the radio station one night while covering for Charlie's DJ job and then got menaced by unseen forces lurking in the dark.
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From imdb.com:

"Dawson's Creek" - Season 5, Episode 9 ("Four Scary Stories")

After going to see a scary movie and feeling completely unsatisfied, Joey, Jack, and Pacey arrive at Grams' house and decide to tell some scary stories of their own. First off, Joey tells how she had a creepy encounter while studying alone at the library on Halloween night. She could have gone to a party with Audrey, who reminded her that a young female student was attacked there not too long ago.

Bryce Johnson ... Library Guy
Steve Coulter ... Scary Guy


From twiztv.com:

[Gram's House – Jack, Joey and Pacey are still in the house.]

Joey: You guys do realize that this calls for serious revenge?

Pacey: Oh, come on, Jo, we were just trying to prove, and quite successfully I might add, that you are now and will forever be afraid of your own shadow.

Joey: You know, you two wouldn't be quite so sure of yourselves if you knew what a weathered scream queen I was.

Pacey: Heh heh, that's right, I forgot. She's seen it all.

Joey: I don't spend all of my time with you layabouts. I have seen things, disturbing things.

Jack: Tell us a story, Joey Potter.

Joey: I don't think you can handle it.

Pacey: Right. This from a girl who 5 minutes ago was screaming bloody murder on the floor.

Joey: Ok, Pace. It was Halloween night. Audrey was walking with me to the library, which was, in itself, a sign of the apocalypse.

[Worthington University – Audrey and Joey are walking through campus. Audrey is dressed like a prom queen.]

Audrey: Ok, I know like... half a dozen kick-ass parties we could be hitting right now, and you're going to hibernate in the library. How wrong is that?

Joey: No one asked you to come with me.

Audrey: I know. I'm just seeking clarification here. Are you the most bookwormy, pathetic person alive?

Joey: Well, according to your party-till-you- drop-out standards, apparently.

Audrey: Tsk! I'm serious. Nobody should be alone in the library on Halloween.

Joey: Audrey, it's like I'm gonna be the only one. Besides, the reading material cannot be checked out, and every other time that I go there, there's always some other overzealous geek from my class using it. This is the one night I know it'll be there.

Audrey: This is such Joey Potter logic.

Joey: You know what, I'm really not in the mood to go out partying, what with everything that's happened.

Audrey: Ok, ok, I get it. You're excused.

Joey: Can I ask you something? Who are you supposed to be, anyway?

Audrey: I'm Carrie. Carrie White, tragically misunderstood telekinetic heroine of the Stephen King book?

Joey: Right, I know who Carrie is, but shouldn't you be doused in pig's blood or something?

Audrey: Well...I guess, but... bleh! What cute boy is gonna want to talk to me if I'm all red and sticky all night?

Joey: Heh. Right, but how are they going to know that you're not just some generic homecoming queen or beauty contest winner?

Audrey: Because I'll tell them.

Joey: You got the hair right.

Audrey: Thanks. Oh, god, you have no idea how bad these shoes suck right now.

[Library – Joey is studying while Audrey reads a magazine.]

Joey: Audrey, you don't have to be here. There are plenty of people. I feel perfectly safe.

Audrey: Well...the first party did start 15 minutes ago. Right, like I want to be the first idiot at the punch bowl.

Joey: Audrey, I'm not coming with you.

Audrey: Well, who asked you to?

Joey: I'm serious. I have to study. I'm going to be here late, and as much as I appreciate you coming with me, I'm fine.

Audrey: You know, sometimes when I get scared, I like to count out loud. 1, 2... 3...4. It's very calming, ok?

Joey: I'm surrounded by people. Why would I be scared?

Audrey: Ok, don't look now, but...check out the creepy man at one o'clock. He's eating the peanuts, and he keeps staring at--don't look now. Wait, wait. Ok, look. (Joey turns around and looks. The guy is definitely creepy.)

Joey: Maybe it's the tiara and prom dress that caught his eye.

Audrey: Well, he's giving me the willies.

Joey: Why?

Audrey: Some girl was attacked in this library. She's lucky that she survived, and from what I understand, she's not the only one.

Random person: Shh!

Joey: You're just trying to scare me so I leave and I go to the party with you, and it's not going to work.

Audrey: Why do you always assume that my concern is masking self-interest?

Joey: Because I know you.

Audrey: You know what? I'm going. Put your life at risk, see if I care. Don't stay out too late, ok?

Joey: I'll meet you at the dorm.

Audrey: Are you sure you don't want me to walk back with you?

Guy: Hey, miss America, are you coming or going?

Joey: She's going.

Guy: Good-bye, beauty queen.

Audrey: Excuse me. I'm Carrie, all right? Carrie White from the book and the movie. Is that not obvious to you?! God! (she stalks off. Joey goes back to studying.)

[Library – the library slowly begins to thin out until the only one left is Joey, the guy at the front desk and the creepy man eating peanuts. Suddenly the creepy man is standing next to Joey's table staring at her.]

Man: Can I borrow a pen?

Joey: Oh, yeah, um... I have one in here. (he takes the pen, but continues to stand there staring at her.) You can keep it. I don't need it.

Man: You shouldn't be here after dark. It's not safe.

Joey: Oh, well, you know what? That's ok, actually, because my boyfriend's on his way over, as soon as football practice lets out, so I'll be fine, but, um... thank you for your concern. (Joey goes over to the front desk. A cute guy sits at a computer there.) Excuse me, do you have the reading for the intellectual history of Europe? It's section 204, professor Downs' class?

Library guy: Uh, let me check. Your name?

Joey: Uh, Joey Potter. (he goes to get the readings and returns with them)

Library guy: All right. Ok, you need to read these 2 articles, and there's a reference book in the stacks. (writing on a slip) This is gonna be your call number, Joey, and I still need to locate one more book for you.

Joey: (looking at the stack) Wow. This is a lot of reading.

Library guy: Yeah.

Joey: Thanks. (she doesn't leave)

Library guy: Can I help you with something else?

Joey: Are you gonna be here for a while?

Library guy: Sure, for another hour or so, why?

Joey: Um... I was just wondering.

Library guy: You worried about that guy?

Joey: Kind of. He's just... he's a little creepy. He keeps staring at me.

Library guy: Don't worry. He's here almost every night. He's pretty harmless.

Joey: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Library guy: You got it.

(Joey goes searching through the stacks for her book. It's very quiet and there's no one around. She rounds a corner and the creepy man is standing there.)

Man: Psst! Come here. (Joey turns and runs through the stacks. She runs straight into the library guy. She gasps in fright.)

Library guy: Whoa, sorry.

Joey: Oh, I'm sorry. I think I'm just having a little bit of a moment. Um... [Whispering] I think that guy is following me.

Library guy: The creepy old guy? Well, actually, he just left.

Joey: Are you sure?

Library guy: Yeah. Look, do you want me to call campus security?

Joey: Uh, no.

Library guy: You sure?

Joey: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Library guy: Ok, well, I was looking for you anyway. The other book that you need is in special editions.

Joey: Where's that?

Library guy: That's downstairs.

Joey: Are they still open?

Library guy: Um... well, they should be for another, like, 10 minutes. You want me to walk you down there?

Joey: Heh! Um... no, I'm ok. Thank you.

Library guy: Ok.

(Joey walks downstairs into a very secluded area. She goes to the special editions room and tries the knob but it's locked. She knocks on it.)

Joey: Hello? (Suddenly she hears a door slam and sees a shadow of someone coming. She ducks into a maintenance closet. A figure passes the door, but continues on and after she hears a door close in the distance, she proceeds out of the closet. She rushes back up to the ground level and runs into the library guy. She screams.)

Library guy: Whoa! You ok?

Joey: Yeah. I'm so happy to see you. That creepy man is down here.

Library guy: Yeah, I know. He followed you, and I followed him.

Joey: Thank you.

Library guy: Yeah, look, you're gonna be fine. Why— (the creepy man comes out of no where and attacks the library guy.)

Joey: ohh!

Man: (to Joey) You should've listened to me, sweetie. (The library guy attacks the creepy man, knocking him out with something.)

Library guy: (to Joey) Come on. (she follows him to the front door, where he pulls out his keys and locks it.)

Joey: What are you doing?

Library guy: So you think you could put up a fight? Because I like that in a girl.

Joey: Who was he?

Library guy: A cop. He was right, you know. Should've listened to him, sweetie.

Joey: So you're the guy-- you're the guy who attacked that girl last semester.

Library guy: Shh. Don't tell anyone, ok? (as he moves to attack her, Joey fan kicks him in the head. He continues after her and she continues to fight back, throwing books at him and using all these crazy kick boxing moves until she finally knocks him out. The "cop" comes to and sees what Joey did.)

Creepy guy/Cop: Unh. Wow. You pretty much crouching-tigered his ass.

Joey: Yeah, I guess that kickboxing class actually paid off.

[Grams' House – Jack, Joey and Pacey sit around telling their ghost stories.]

Jack: Yeah, it's a decent thrill, Jo. But as scary as the stacks may be after hours, I think the fraternity house has you beat in terms of the creep factor.

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