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Case Study No. 0893: Unnamed Female Librarian (BBC Four)

BBC Four ident - 2005 to present - Library
A Librarian is putting books back on a shelf, but manages to knock one off.
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["www dot thisisfive dot co dot uk slash presbits" appears on screen, then cut to a giant wall of books on shelves covering the entire screen (with the "BBC Four" logo appearing in the middle of the screen) as a young female librarian (brown hair in a ponytail, white blouse, black skirt, nylon stockings and high heels) is climbing a ladder to reshelve a book ... except that another book "falls" up into the air and disappears off screen]
[she pushes herself towards the right, and the half of the ladder that she's on slides off screen while the upper half moves towards the left ... then the (same?) librarian instantly appears from the left-hand side of the screen, as the two halves of the ladder lock back into place, and she reshelves a new book (except that yet another book "falls" off of a nearby shelf and up into the air where it disappears off screen)]
[the librarian begins climbing down the ladder, but as she disappears off screen, she instantly re-appears climbing down the ladder from the top of the screen]
FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Now on BBC Four, five hours of comment and analysis, some fab suits, and a fantastic title sequence.
[the librarian stops climbing (as only the lower half of her body can be seen on screen) and sticks her leg out as if to steady herself, when another book falls off the shelf (actually falling down this time) in the lower right-hand portion of the screen]
FEMALE ANNOUNCER: We join David Dimbleby for Decision Seventy Nine.
[the ladder again splits in two (with the lower portion moving towards the left and off screen, while the upper portion with the librarian moves to the right) ... the lower half of the librarian then suddenly disappears, just as the lower portion of the ladder appears from the right-hand side of the screen (with the librarian holding a book), as the two pieces of the ladder lock back into place and she reshelves a new book in place of the one that fell down earlier]
[the scene fades to black, as "Captured by Pres Bits from This is Five" appears on screen]



BBC Four introduced a new look on 10th September 2005 along the theme of a screen dived into four. For the idents these consisted of what initially appears to be a sign le image, but following interaction be various things within the scene it reveals that it is in fact 4 separate images.

A Librarian is putting books back on a shelf, but manages to knock one off.

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