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Case Study No. 1394: Vanessa

Caillou and the Librarian
Caillou was Fighting Rosie because he does not want to share with her!
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[scene opens with Caillou's mother driving down the street, as Caillou sits in the backseat and holds his library card up towards the window while moving it up and down like a fish]
ROSIE: Hee hee! Fishy!
NARRATOR: Caillou and Rosie were having lots of fun playing with Caillou's library card.
[he waves the card in front of his little sister's face, who reaches out to grab it]
CAILLOU: No, Rosie. That's my fishy.
[he laughs]
CAILLOU: I mean, library card ... Maybe you'll get your own library card one day.
ROSIE: Ohh ... "Lie-brie"?
MOMMY: That's right, Rosie. We're going to the library today, for storytime.
CAILLOU: Storytime!
CAILLOU: Will we get to take some books home, Mommy?
MOMMY: Of course. You and Rosie can each borrow a few books.
CAILLOU: Maybe they'll have a book about fish!
[cut to the car pulling into the public library's parking lot]
NARRATOR: Caillou could hardly wait to get to the library!
[cut to the inside of the library, as the two children run into the childrens' section]
ROSIE: Ooh! Fishy!
[she points at an aquarium in the middle of the room]
CAILLOU: That's right, Rosie.
ROSIE: Oh ...
MOMMY: We have a few minutes before storytime. Why don't you take Rosie to the board books, Caillou?
CAILLOU: Okay. C'mon, Rosie!
[cut to the two children walking up to a bookshelf]
NARRATOR: Caillou had been to the library lots of times, and he knew exactly where to go.
[he pulls a book off the shelf]
CAILLOU: These books are for little kids like you, Rosie.
[they sit down in a bean bag chair]
ROSIE: Open! Please ...
[he opens the book to a picture of a cow, as his sister laughs]
ROSIE: Cow says "Moo!"
CAILLOU: That's right, Rosie. The cow says "Moo!"
[she turns the page, which has a picture of a pig]
CAILLOU: And the piggy goes ...
[he starts snorting, and they both laugh ... then their mother enters and whispers to them]
MOMMY: [whispers] I'm glad you two are enjoying your book, but could you please try to be a little bit quieter? Others might be trying to read or work.
CAILLOU: [whispers] Okay, Mommy. I'm going to find my own book!
[he gets up and goes back to the bookshelf, pulling off a book with an orange cat on the cover]
NARRATOR: Caillou didn't want a book about cats ... He wanted a book about fish!
[he puts it back, then pulls another book with a red car on the cover ... he puts that back, then pulls another book with a rainbow and pot of gold on the cover]
MOMMY: Yes, Caillou?
CAILLOU: I can't find a book about fish!
VANESSA: [from off camera] Did I hear someone say "fish?"
[he looks over at the young female librarian (long brown hair, blue sweater, light blue blouse, brown skirt, long white nylon stockings) who enters the scene]
VANESSA: It just so happens that we're reading a book about the ocean in storytime today ... Are you here for storytime?
ROSIE: Uh huh!
VANESSA: Well, we're just about to begin. Come on!
[cut to the librarian sitting down as a group of children (including Caillou and Rosie) sit in a semi-circle around her]
VANESSA: Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa ... Has anyone ever been to the ocean before?
[a couple of children raise their hands]
VANESSA: There are lots of creatures that live in the ocean.
[she holds up a book with a dolphin on the cover]
VANESSA: This story is about a dolphin named Daphne.
[cut to a closeup of the book]
VANESSA: Dolphins aren't fish, they're mammals ... but when you see dolphins, there are sure to be fish nearby!
[she opens the book and begins reading]
NARRATOR: As Caillou listened to the story, he imagined what it would be like to swim with a real dolphin!
[cut to a "dream sequence" where Caillou is standing on a shore when a dolphin emerges from the water and waves to him]
CAILLOU: Hello, Daphne Dolphin! Let's look for fish over there!
[he hops on his back and they begin swimming around]
CAILLOU: There must be some fish around here somewhere ...
[a turtle slowly swims by]
CAILLOU: Hee hee, you're not a fish!
[he waves to the turtle as it swims away]
CAILLOU: Hello, Mister Turtle!
[he looks down at the ocean floor and sees all of the various species of fish swimming around]
[cut back to the library, as the librarian closes the book while Rosie applauds]
VANESSA: You've been terrific listeners! Did you enjoy the story?
ROSIE: Uh uh!
[she gets up]
VANESSA: Super! We've got lots of other good books here in the library. I hope everyone will leave here with a story or two.
[everyone starts to leave, as Caillou's mother approaches]
CAILLOU: Can we pick out some books now, Mommy?
MOMMY: Of course.
[the librarian hands the dolphin book to Caillou]
VANESSA: Would you like to borrow this one? It has lots of fish in it.
CAILLOU: Yes, please! Thank you.
VANESSA: You're welcome.
[she walks off, as Caillou opens the book (and Rosie looks over his shoulder)]
ROSIE: Fishy book!
[she suddenly grabs it]
CAILLOU: No Rosie, that's my book!
[they both struggle, until Caillou is able to pull it away from her ... then notices that one of the pages has been torn]
[he tries to close the book (but the torn page sticks out) and they both look around nervously]
NARRATOR: Caillou didn't know what to do! He thought the librarian might get angry if she saw the torn book.
[he runs off, then cut to Caillou trying to hide the book under a pile of other books on a cart]
NARRATOR: At first, Caillou decided to hide the book ... but that didn't feel like the right thing to do.
[he tries to look innocent, but Rosie walks up to him with a tear in her eye]
CAILLOU: [pause] We better show Mommy.
[he takes the book and runs off to his mother]
CAILLOU: Rosie and I ripped it, but it was an accident ... We're sorry, Mommy.
[she takes the book from him]
MOMMY: I'm sure Vanessa will understand.
CAILLOU: Do we have to tell her? What if she won't let me take out any more books?
MOMMY: She seems very nice ... She may even be able to fix it!
[the librarian walks by, as Caillou and Rosie look at each other]
NARRATOR: Caillou knew this was the right thing to do.
CAILLOU: Okay, Mommy. We'll show her.
[cut to the librarian at the front desk, as Caillou walks up holding the book (with Rosie and his mother following close behind)]
VANESSA: Hi there. Can I help you?
CAILLOU: Um, my sister and I were fighting over this book, and it sort of... ripped. We're sorry!
[he hands over the book, as the librarian (still smiling) takes it]
VANESSA: I see ... Well, perhaps the two of you would like to help me fix it?
ROSIE: Yeah!
[the librarian places the book down on the counter and opens it up to the torn page]
NARRATOR: Caillou liked the idea of helping the librarian!
[cut to Caillou taking a piece of scotch tape and placing it on the torn page (completely obscuring the picture of the dolphin on said page)]
ROSIE: Stickers!
VANESSA: It is a bit like stickers, isn't it?
[she turns the page, as Caillou covers the other side with scotch tape]
VANESSA: Now, you two need to promise me that you'll be more careful with our books.
CAILLOU: We will!
[he places one last piece of tape on the page]
VANESSA: As good as new! And all ready for you to sign out ... Are there any other books you'd like to borrow?
[cut to the librarian using a barcode scanner to check out several books for Caillou and his sister, then handing a new library card to Rosie along with her stack of books]
CAILLOU: Look Rosie, your very own library card!
[he holds his library card up next to hers]
CAILLOU: It's just like mine!
[cut to Caillou and his sister in the backseat, as they both move their cards up and down like fish, and Rosie laughs]
ROSIE: Fishy!



Season 4, Episode 11 - Caillou The Bookworm

Caillou the Librarian: Caillou is excited about showing Rosie the ropes when they visit the library. During storytime Caillou imagines he's in the story, riding on a dolphin. Later he and Rosie argue over a book and accidentally tear it. He doesn't want to tell the librarian, but finally musters up the courage to do so. The librarian turns out to be very nice and he helps her fix the book. And Rosie gets her very own library card!

Caillou the Bookworm: Returning home from the library Caillou is very eager to sit down and enjoy his pirate book. Unfortunately it's a very busy day and he's having trouble finding a quiet place to look at his book. Caillou finally finds the perfect place - in his closet! By the light of his flashlight he finally gets to enjoy his book and pretends he's the pirate in the story digging up a buried treasure.

Caillou the Storyteller: It's a rainy day at playschool and the children can't go outside. Caillou makes up a funny story about a superhero who makes the rain stop - it's Super Caillou! He tells the story to Jeffrey and Jason, and Miss Martin suggests he make his own storybook. She writes the story down and Caillou draws the pictures. By the time Mommy comes to pick him up, Caillou has his very own book to show her!

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