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Case Study No. 1399: Unnamed Female Librarian (High School High)

High School High librarian: "You suck!"
Apparently since 1996, this is the visual I get whenever I hear the phrase. This is the delivery I am imitating when I use the phrase. Not many people get the reference.
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In the slapstick comedy "High School High" (1996), a librarian (uncredited) appears in two nonlibrary scenes.

Jon Lovitz stars as Richard Clark, an idealistic and oblivious but nonetheless effective high school teacher who accepts a position at Marion Barry High School, a prime example of an urban secondary school fiasco. The exterior and interior of the school more closely resemble a burned-out neighborhood ravaged by riots and armed conflict than a tax-supported public school.

At the opening day assembly, Richard gives a brief talk, concluding, "I see in you, the future of America." At this point, someone in the audience yells, "You suck!" The shouter, an adult, stands and gives Richard the bird with both hands. The principal's administrative assistant (Tia Carrere) informs Richard that the shouter is "the school librarian."

Later in the film, the principal announces that Richard's students achieved the "lowest scores in the country" and dismisses Richard. Leaving the school in disgrace, Richard is pushed out of the building by a security guard and is jeered loudly by students and teachers as he leaves the schoolground; the librarian, in top shouting form, reaffirms her earlier evaluation, "You suck!"

The librarian, a brunette (half bang; bouffant, probable bun), dresses moderately in both scenes and, in the second scene, wears eyeglasses on a bead lanyard. In both scenes, she has a pencil stuck in her hair. These visual characteristics, along with the administrative assistant's statement, establish her identity as a librarian.

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