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Case Study No. 1407: Miss Hudson

Sleepy Hollow 1x10 "The Golem" Promotional Photos | Season 1 Episode 10
Sleepy Hollow 1x10 "The Golem" Promotional Photos | Season 1 Episode 10
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'Sleepy Hollow' recap: 'The Golem'

What do you do when your wife has been imprisoned in Purgatory, and you just found out you had a son that she kept secret? In Ichabod's case, hit something. Hit something really hard. We find him splitting wood at the late Sheriff Corbin's cabin. Abbie is starting to get into the Christmas spirit, but clearly Ichabod isn't into "celebrating yuletide with a titillating display of lumber." He'd rather smash lumber and get some answers about his family.

And he has just the man in mind to get them. Rolling down the driveway in a '94 Lincoln sofa on wheels is the ever frumpy Henry Parrish, also known as the sin eater. Ichabod thinks that because of Parrish's ability to reach other realms, he can communicate with Katrina. But this communication comes at high risk.

"When you reach beyond this existence," Parrish says, "you're tempting fate. I cannot say what consequences will befall you." Consequences be damned, says Ichabod. Abbie is all in as well. Let the weirdness begin.

The only way to communicate with the dead is to get closer to death, Parrish explains. So he gets right to it by putting Ichabod in a choke hold. Unconscious Ichabod has a vision of a church. There, a baby carriage is rolling and nearly teeters off a small flight of stairs. He catches it in time and sees that it doesn't contain a child, but a lumpily shaped, frightening doll. Ichabod then notices Katrina in the church. She's got some explaining to do.

Katrina says their son's name is Jeremy, and that though she didn't realize it at the time, she and Ichabod had a shotgun wedding. Thankfully, she says, the coven didn't know she was pregnant either. Katrina figured that out when she was in Europe, searching for a spell to revive Ichabod. When she returned to the fledgling states, the coven pursued her for trying to intervene in Ichabod's demise. The coven gave Katrina an ultimatum: Tell us where he's buried, or face a fate worse than death. She chose option c) Vanish into thin air and have the child at Lachlan Fredericks' estate.

But Katrina knew she couldn't keep the child with the coven bent on revenge. She left Jeremy with Grace Dixon, who ran Fredericks' estate and was also one of Abbie's ancestors. But before she left, she gave Jeremy a doll - the same one Ichabod saw in the carriage. She promised Jeremy that the doll would protect him in a time of need. After this last bit of information, a demon who closely resembles the D.C. villain, Clayface, and Jeremy's doll, bursts into the church and spoils another all too brief family reunion.

After explaining everything he'd seen to Parrish and Abbie, Parrish says, "It seems your fates were merged before you met." Ichabod begs Parrish to stay and help in their search for answers, but it takes some convincing. Parrish insists that his only role was to destroy Ichabod's sin. But he relents after Abbie begs him to stay. They plan to start at the historical society. In the woods, the demon is seen rising from the soil.

We catch up with Captain Irving, who is on a literal guilt trip to New York City. He stops by a church he used to frequent to compare apocalyptic notes with a priest. All signs point to death, says the priest, but end of days matters are open to interpretation. "If god has a plan, who's it for?" asks Irving. "Me or him?"

At the library, Ichabod, Abbie and Parrish are searching for information on Trinity Church, the place where Katrina handed over Jeremy. The librarian is at first reluctant to help, but then points them in the right direction. They learn that the church caught fire, killing Grace Dixon. There were rumors that Jeremy could start fires just by crying - a sign of Katrina's powers. After the fire, the child was found the next morning unharmed. Jeremy was sent to a home for orphans of the war.

The trail grows cold there, though. And the librarian is not willing to offer additional help. But Parrish says she's holding out. "Lying is a sin," he says. "I can sense a sin a mile away." Abbie spots the librarian running to her car. But they fail to get to her in time before a demon, presumably the Clayface impersonator, rips her and the car to pieces.

Time to regroup. The trio begins to review the evidence, looking over the dead librarian's things. Abbie drops a box onto a table, and it startles Parrish. "Whatever is in there, it reeks of anger and pain," he says. Ichabod notices that a seal on the box is that of Katrina's coven. The librarian must have been a member. Opening it, they find a drawing that resembles Jeremy's doll.

All becomes clear to Parrish in a vision: The drawing was Jeremy's. The priest that ran the orphanage took it upon himself to rid Jeremy of his supernatural powers by beating them out of him. All it took was a drop of Jeremy's blood, and his ardent wish for a protector, for the doll to manifest into his champion, killing the priest. Ichabod surmises that this is the same protector that followed him back into reality, and it is bent on destroying the coven that wanted to harm Jeremy.

Back in New York, Irving and his daughter are taking a stroll through a park. Irving is doing his best to not think of all his supernatural problems back in Sleepy Hollow, but they followed him. A hot chocolate vendor accosts him, his glassy eyes rolling back in his head: "How strong is your daughter?" he asks. "God may have a plan, but we have one too." That plan includes going after her. Irving is about to conjure up a first class beatdown, but the demon leaves the vendor, and takes over a nearby woman. Evil is a wily adversary.

Further investigation into the dead librarian witch reveals that she had a safe full of carnival tickets dating back 100 years. But Ichabod, in a very Daniel Plainview-esque state, is beside himself for abandoning his child to this surrogate father who likes to dismember people. Parrish consoles him, saying that he believes Jeremy must have been a good man. "He was, after all, molded from your clay."

Cue Ichabod, super genius. The mention of clay triggers his memory. He's drawn to a passage in Washington's bible, a source that Katrina left him as a guide. He flips to Psalm 139, which has parallels with the Talmud, and speaks of God giving life to an enchanted being made of mud. This creature is known as a golem, and it possesses the passions of its creators. Jeremy wanted a protector, and the Golem became one. Looking over the carnival materials, Abbie sees a sign for the Four Who Speak as One. Abbie recognizes these witches from her vision in the Fredericks manor. Ichabod realizes that the Golem is after these witches, and if they played a role in imprisoning Katrina, maybe they can bust her out.

Crane goes into the carnival alone and finds them. They're certainly creepy enough, doing their best Christian Bale Batman impersonation while, you guessed it, speaking in unison through bad teeth. They recognize Ichabod and tell him that it was foretold that his arrival would seal their fate. They know they're going to die, and they're untroubled by it.

The witches see themselves as agents of fate. "The ordained path" was disrupted when Katrina brought Ichabod back from the dead, when she ran off to have a son and when Ichabod brought the son's Golem into this world. "I don't believe fate befalls us however we act, only unless we act," says Ichabod. The witches say that Ichabod's death would have spared the child, and that it was their duty to send Katrina to purgatory, and, much to Ichabod's terror, stop Jeremy's heart with a spell and bury him. The witches resign themselves to death, refusing to free Katrina. They offer just one bit of advice: Only Jeremy's blood can stop the Golem.

The Golem's rampage begins. He tears through the carnival, Hulk smashing everything in sight. Ichabod finds Parrish, but gets wounded by an exploding funhouse mirror. He pulls a large shard of mirror from his chest. "Your son's blood is your blood," Parrish says. "Your blood can destroy it." The Golem comes after Abbie, but Ichabod distracts the demon. He tries to talk the Golem out of his rage, and his words appear to calm him, but the beast attacks again, only to fall on Ichabod's blood-soaked shard of the mirror. "You endured enough pain," says Ichabod. "Bear it no more." When the camera cuts back, the Golem is a doll once again.

With the Golem defeated, and Henry Parrish officially a part of the 'Sleepy Hollow' team, he offers some parting words. "One cannot turn from fate," says Ichabod. "And yet," says Parrish, "for the first time, I feel like fate has delivered me a blessing by bringing you both into my life." turning to leave, he says, "We never really bury the dead, son. We take them with us. It's the price of living."

Parrish leaves, and Abbie goes to get something to eat. Ichabod hears a mirror to his right shatter, never a good sign in this show. He's pulled through the mirror and into a forest where he hears Katrina screaming and the voice of Moloch. Your death is assured, Moloch says. And Abbie's as well. "I touched her soul once," Moloch says. "Soon it will be mine forever. And you will give it to me."

Moloch punches Ichabod back into reality. Abbie is there, and he explains just how screwed they are. A supernatural showdown looms in the episodes to come. But we'll have to wait to see how it shakes out until next week.



Remember how Katrina had a baby boy in secret? Crane is kind of fixated on that. And I guess that's fair. But it's like when one of your friends goes through a crush or a breakup - it's all they want to talk about and after a while you get really tired of hearing about it. Even though you want to be supportive and all, you can't help thinking, Geez, isn't there anything else in your life?

Crane calls on our Sin Eater friend Henry Parrish. To, like, nearly kill him. (That is, to have Parrish bring him - Crane - closer to death because that will allow him to communicate with Katrina.)

In a really crooked liminal space, Katrina tells Crane their son is named Jeremy. She tells of having to flee her coven and having to give the baby up to a church, but not before giving him a really creepy doll.

Crane vows to find out what happened to Jeremy. And then must run away before the titular Golem can grab him within whatever limbo they're inhabiting as they chat.

Alas, that Golem then bursts forth from the earth of Sleepy Hollow.

And Irving is showing a distinct decline in his faith in God. This seems like such a cliche but it was handled pretty well here, not too overbearing. And they continue to make Irving a little more interesting with each new episode. Good character building.

Trinity Church is where Katrina left Jeremy. Historical logs show people were afraid of him because he could start fires by crying. He was eventually sent to an orphanage. Meanwhile, the Golem crushes librarian Miss Hudson in her car before Crane & Co can demand more information.

The Golem is the doll, btw. We've all figured that out, right?

(I like looking at Tom Mison, but he gives equal weight and intensity to pretty much everything he says, which makes his dialogue kind of monotonous. Of course, if he keeps looking like that, I probably won't care.)

The stuff going on with Irving is actually way more creepy than anything going on with Crane or Abbie. Maybe because it's more rooted in the natural world, less over the top (relatively).

Golem is looking for the four women from Katrina's old coven, the women who banished Katrina to purgatory. So now Crane, Abbie, and Henry must find these women before the Golem does, and hopefully convince them to release Katrina. But when they find the women participating in a carnival, they tell Crane his arrival foretells their death.

They also tell how Jeremy refused to join their coven so they imprisoned the Golem in purgatory and hexed Jeremy to stop his heart. And because Jeremy's blood gave the Golem life, only Jeremy's blood can stop him. Geez, this show has a thing about blood. And so far we haven't even had any vampires.

Why is this Golem trying to hurt Crane if its job is to defend Jeremy? Crane doesn't want to hurt Jeremy.

It takes Henry a ridiculous amount of time to conclude that Jeremy's blood is also Crane's blood. And why didn't Crane or Abbie think of it either? After trying to reason with the thing, Crane is forced to stab it with a shard from a shattered funhouse mirror - one that is handily tipped with Crane's own blood.

And then Abbie gives Crane a stocking with his name on it. And Crane walks through a mirror into a forest and is threatened by . . . something . . . So what else is new?

I'm starting to get that old feeling that no real progress is being made here. I mean, we found out about the son, and that turned out to be a non-entity. (For now. I'm willing to entertain the possibility that he will return from this hex in some form or fashion.) And now we're back to the usual: Katrina in limbo (yawn, who cares) and lots of weird creatures threatening Crane and Abbie with the apocalypse. Sigh. When is this game going to change?



Lt. Abbie Mills: We don't even know if any of your descendants are still alive.
Ichabod Crane: Well, if Jeremy married and had three children, the average at the time, then we compound that number over eight generations, I could have as many as... six thousand offspring.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Six thousand little Ichabods... Crane, I have an idea. The Historical Society library, they have a rare records collection dating back to Revolutionary-era Sleepy Hollow.
Ichabod Crane: That's where we start.


Miss Hudson: From the 18th century? No, I don't think we have any records on Trinity Church.
Ichabod Crane: Madam, this town has existed since Adriaen van der Donck dubbed it Sleepless Haven in 1655. Surely there must be some reference to its many houses of worship in the town's historical society.
Miss Hudson: You speak with such authority on the past.
Ichabod Crane: Without books, we have neither a past nor a future... I would've thought a librarian above all would comprehend that.
Miss Hudson: ... If we have anything on Trinity Church, it would be in that section over there. Feel free to look. I'll be in the back.


[Henry opens a large book]
Henry Parrish: I found it... Grace Martha Dixon. Born 1751, died 1784.
Ichabod Crane: She was a young woman.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Says here, according to eyewitness accounts, there was a fire. They were trapped inside. Local townspeople were afraid of Jeremy. People claimed they haad seen him start fires just by crying.
Ichabod Crane: Katrina's powers... He inherited them.
Lt. Abbie Mills: After the house burned down, they found the boy the next morning... completely unhurt. People came to believe he was some kind of monster. After that, he was sent to a home for orphaned children of the war.
Ichabod Crane: What happened to my child?
Lt. Abbie Mills: It doesn't say.
Ichabod Crane: My son... was responsible for the death of your ancestors.
Lt. Abbie Mills: It's not your fault. There's nothing you could've done.
Ichabod Crane: I could've been there.
Henry Parrish: That is not a choice you were given, my friend... I'm so sorry. To both of you. I feared opening these doors would be painful.
Ichabod Crane: The home to which my son was sent. Does it have a name?
Lt. Abbie Mills: There's nothing here. And don't count on Miss Helpful guiding us in the right direction.
Henry Parrish: Oh, she knows more than she's telling... Lying is a sin. I can sense a sin a mile away.
[Crane goes to check the back room]
Ichabod Crane: Miss Hudson?... She's gone.
[they hear her running to her car]
Lt. Abbie Mills: Outside.
[she gets in her car, but the Golem smashes her side window]
Miss Hudson: Ahhhhhhh!!!
[they go outside and find her car smashed up, with her bloody hand sticking up out of the car door]
Lt. Abbie Mills: Oh my God... What could've done this?
Henry Parrish: I won't be catching that later train, will I?


Lt. Abbie Mills: The librarian's personal effects just came in from impound.
Ichabod Crane: These are all of the archivist's possessions?
Lt. Abbie Mills: Just from her office at work. Apparently, she has a personal safe... You doing crosswords?
Henry Parrish: As I said, it distracts me from my troubles. A good puzzle misleads you, it sends you in one direction but fools you into thinking you know what's going on. But once you've discovered the trick, you see that there's often a hidden meaning. Just as the librarian was trying to conceal something from us... You don't perhaps know an unusual word for "fidgety and restless," do you?
Ichabod Crane: Gumplefick.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Gumplefick?
Henry Parrish: Perfect fit!
Ichabod Crane: Still reconciling today's language and its advancements. For example, in my era, a toilet was a "vanity cabinet." "Intercourse" meant simply social conversation, "awful" meant "awe-inspiring."
Lt. Abbie Mills: So if I went out with a guy and we had awful intercourse, we'd be going on a second date?
Ichabod Crane: Disconcerting, yet accurate.
Lt. Abbie Mills: It's just weird.
[Mills takes a metal box out from among the librarian's possessions, and Parrish winces in pain]
Lt. Abbie Mills: What's wrong?
Henry Parrish: The box... It's filled with pain.
[Crane looks at the mark on the box lid]
Ichabod Crane: This symbol... It's the crest of Katrina's coven. The Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart. Only a member of the Sisterhood would possess such an item.
Lt. Abbie Mills: Seriously, the librarian from the Historical Society... was a witch?
Ichabod Crane: Just as Reverend Knapp was before her. Embedded in Sleepy Hollow for centuries.
Henry Parrish: That explains her expression... Recognition. She knew who you were.

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