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Case Study No. 0429: Laura Bush

The First Lady Comes to Visit
First Lady Laura Bush comes to New Orleans to donate funds to local school libraries. Money from the Laura Bush Foundation helps school libraries that were devestated in disasters.
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["Happening Now" appears on screen]
TASLIN ALFONZO: [in voice over] And now to a story that's happening right now.
[cut to a female reporter speaking directly to the camera]
TASLIN ALFONZO: The First Lady is in New Orleans. Laura Bush is here to announce grants from her foundation, and speak about the Gulf Coast's recovery. WDSU anchor LaTonya Norton has been following the Bush camp all morning, she's on your side live in New Orleans East. Hello LaTonya.
[cut to another female reporter ("LaTonya Norton, New Orleans East") standing outside of a school]
LATONYA NORTON: Taslin, good afternoon. It's a very exciting day here at Henry C. Schaumburg Elementary School in New Orleans East.
["Laura Bush Visit" appears on screen]
LATONYA NORTON: Just a few minutes ago, the First Lady Laura Bush announced nearly five hundred and sixty thousand dollars in grants to help rebuild and restock school libraries, twelve different school libraries, in Louisiana and Mississippi.
[cut to footage of Laura Bush sitting at a table with some students]
LATONYA NORTON: [in voice over] All of these schools affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the money is coming from the Laura Bush Foundation. This morning, the First Lady met with a group of eighth graders called "Freedom Writers" here at Schaumburg. They have written a fictional novel, and right now they're working on a sequel.
[cut to footage of Laura Bush walking into the school assembly and speaking with more students]
LATONYA NORTON: [in voice over] And from there, she made her way into the school's cafetorium, where she addressed the entire student body. The former teacher and librarian talked to students about the importance of reading, and she also said that every time she re-visits the Gulf Coast, she's encouraged by more progress.
[cut to footage of Laura Bush speaking at the podium]
LAURA BUSH: These grants will help librarians build new collections to support their schools' new curriculum. And they'll help young people use these libraries to find comfort and inspiration in their favorite books.
[cut back to LaTonya outside the school]
LATONYA NORTON: And once again, twelve schools in Louisiana and Mississippi will share this grant money. It's five hundred and fifty seven dollars, seventy five thousand dollars awarded right here to Schaumburg Elementary School in New Orleans East. Now, from here, the First Lady will participate in an afternoon discussion with New Orleans young professionals. On your side in New Orleans East, LaTonya Norton, WDSU News Channel 6.
[cut back to Taslin in studio]
TASLIN ALFONZO: Thanks so much, LaTonya. Now, back in November, Miss Bush announced a fifty thousand dollar grant for school libraries when she spoke at Banneker Elementary ...



For Immediate Release
March 3, 2008

Laura Bush Foundation Announces $557,500 in Grants To Gulf Coast School Libraries

The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries announced today $557,500 in Gulf Coast School Library Recovery Initiative grants to twelve schools in Louisiana and Mississippi. These grants are in addition to the sixty-eight awards in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas that have been made since the program's inception in May 2006. Total grants to date through the GCSLRI total over $3.7 million.

Many schools in the Gulf Coast region were destroyed or severely damaged by the 2005 hurricanes, and part of the destruction was the loss of the schools' libraries. As a response to Mrs. Bush's concern for the students of these affected schools, the Laura Bush Foundation established a special fund to help re-establish the book collections for the school libraries.

Grantees announced today include:

* Albert Wicker Elementary School – New Orleans, La.
* Benjamin Franklin Elementary Math & Science – New Orleans, La.
* Booker T. Washington Transitional School – New Orleans, La.
* Delcambre Elementary School– Delcambre, La.
* Eaton Park Elementary School– Abbeville, La.
* Edgar P. Harney Elementary School – New Orleans, La.
* Fannie C. Williams Elementary School – New Orleans, La.
* Henry C. Schaumburg School – New Orleans, La.
* Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy – Jefferson, La.
* Paul B. Habans Elementary School – New Orleans, La.
* Sarah Towles Reed Senior High School – New Orleans, La.
* West Hancock Elementary School – Picayune, Ms.

The Foundation continues to accept applications at laurabushfoundation .org. Schools that lost book collections or schools that are being built in the areas affected by the 2005 hurricanes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas are encouraged to apply.



In 1973, she attained a Master of Science degree in Library Science from the University of Texas at Austin. She was soon employed as a librarian at the Kashmere Gardens Branch at the Houston Public Library. The following year, she moved back to Austin and took another job as a librarian in the Austin Independent School District school Dawson Elementary until 1977. Mrs. Bush reflected upon her employment experiences to a group of children in 2003, saying, "I worked as a teacher and librarian and I learned how important reading is in school and in life."



Laura Bush: Librarian and Teacher

As a former public school teacher and librarian, Mrs. Bush has a special place in her heart for books and libraries. She knows that a love of books -- of holding a book, turning its pages, looking at its pictures, and losing oneself in its fascinating stories -- goes hand-in-hand with a love of learning.

She also knows that having parents, teachers, librarians and members of the community who care enough to make libraries a priority is one of the most important steps in helping to maintain high-quality library services.

More than half of all librarians are projected to retire by 2019. The administration has proposed an initiative to recruit, train and support a new generation of librarians. The President's budget for FY 2004 requests $20 million for this initiative to help offset the national shortage.

Mrs. Bush believes that recruiting a new generation of librarians is vital to maintaining libraries as important educational resources and making them accessible to future generations of readers. She has made a commitment to preserving our libraries, has toured libraries in the U.S and abroad, and continues to encourage young people to pursue careers as teachers and librarians.

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