Thursday, December 15, 2011

Case Study No. 0126: "The Lesbian Librarian"

Bird & Cactus Go to the Library
Cactus is harassed by Bird, as he tries to enjoy a quiet day at the library.

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[inside a library, Cactus is yelling at Bird]
CACTUS: Where'd you go? You almost got me banned from the library!
BIRD: Should I use Steinbeck or Twain?
CACTUS: What for?
BIRD: For rollin' a joint!
CACTUS: Neither should be used for rollin' a joint!
BIRD: You're right ... Hunter S. Thompson it is!
CACTUS: No no no, books are for reading!
BIRD: Reading is for nerds!
CACTUS: Come on, try this one.
[he hands Bird a book]
BIRD: This sucks!
[he throws the book back at Cactus' head]
BIRD: It don't even got girlie pictures ...
CACTUS: You read it, then it comes alive! Try "Murder on the Orient Express."
[he hands him another book]
BIRD: I think this one is broke ... [drops the book] It's not comin' alive.
CACTUS: You have to use your imagination ...
[a train comes out of the book and runs over Cactus]
CACTUS: [in pain] Oooooh, my gonads are in me.
BIRD: Cool, it worked!
[Bird picks up another book]
BIRD: "The Lord of the Rings" ...
[the book turns into a sword]
CACTUS: Two can play at that game ...
[he picks up another book]
CACTUS: "The Scarlet Pimpernel!"
[the book becomes a sword that immediately becomes limp]
BIRD: Ha ha! You can't get it up!
CACTUS: Oh yes I can!
[he takes a blue pill marked "SWORD B STIFF"]
CACTUS: [after the sword straightens out] Hahaha, en guarde!
[Bird immediately knocks Cactus' sword out of his hand]
CACTUS: Dangit!
[Cactus picks up another book]
CACTUS: Suck "A Farewell to Arms"!
[cannonballs shoot out of the book and blow both of Cactus' arms off]
CACTUS: Aargh!
[an elderly female librarian walks into the scene]
LIBRARIAN: Stop all this noise at once!
BIRD: Oh, he's not gonna stop. He said he's gonna piss off the lesbian librarian!
CACTUS: I never said that!
LIBRARIAN: Mister Cactus, you are hereby permanently banned from this branch of the library! Now, leave!
CACTUS: Noooo!

MADE BY: Paul Rodenburg
(c) Rodenburg Films Ltd. 2008



I just posted a new Bird & Cactus cartoon. Check it out at our YouTube page: user/ OverlordJake

I have such a hard time writing exciting descriptions of these videos. Perhaps in part because by the time I've finished a cartoon and am about to upload it I've spent all week (or weeks) working just on that cartoon and I'm ready to move onto the next project. Or perhaps it's because the setting of most of my cartoons tend to be everyday mundane places.

The vast majority of my comedy is character comedy. It's an odd or extreme character in an everyday setting or situation from which the humor (or lack of it) flow. So it's hard to be like: "Bird and Cactus go to the library! Books, books, books! How exciting! Get Your Nerd Boner Raging for the Dewey Decimal System!" When the local of the story is far from exciting. That leaves, "Bird says mean things which are funny" as a description. Though Bird does that in virtually every cartoon he's in. So it wouldn't really help differentiate between videos.

A more boring, but honest description of this video would go like this. This is a "I need to release something for my awesome viewers" video.

-Paul Rodenburg

Paul is an animator who has been seen at film festivals, and done some work as a Producer for Comedy Central.

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